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Remembering Bamforth & Co. Ltd

The Beginings Of "Saucy Seaside" Postcards


Above are three examples of 1901 - 1910 Bamforth Humour cards - Black and White and 'real' actors and actresses photographed - and here is the next stage ....

COLOUR - Black and White photograhic transparencies were used as a base to 'paint' in colour and added to a real setting or super imposed onto a location created by an artist.


The above postcards show one side of the early humour cards - Courting Couples - very restrained in suggestiveness compared to the later "Saucy Seaside" cards. Now to the other favourite subjects such as Drunks and Mother-In-Laws.


To clarify the text on the far right Mother-In-Law / Drunk postcard it reads as follows...

Disgraceful state to meet your Mother-In-Law
Yed; but if I'd (hic) bin in any odder state I shouldn't (hic) hab come at all.

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