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Remembering Bamforth & Co. Ltd

Black & White Hymn and Song Cards - Single Issues

The single Bamforth monochrome Hymn and Song cards numbered in the 100's and indeed in some instances shared the same titles as the monochrome 2-4 card series, examples are "Lead Kindly Light","Excelsior" and "Navaho". Early cards had no set numbers, but as with the 2-4 card series numbering of cards was later introduced - no doubt making the postcards much more fun to collect.


Three examples of 1902 - 1910 religious Hymn based cards - titles left to right are "Lead Kindly Light", "The Song Of Angels"and "The Glory Song"....These are monochrome photographs of actors and actresses pictured in a studio with appropriate backdrops (However, the image of Jesus on the card titled "The Song Of Angels" is a drawing).

The above Postcard dated July 18th 1910 and posted in Canada (Published by Bamforth's New York (N.Y. City) Office) shows that all possible writing space was often used and this is in fact the reverse side of the the centre card titled "The Song Of Angels".

Below are three examples of Bamforth single series monochrome song cards


The verse of the centre postcard titled Liza Johnson is amusing and reads as follows...

Oh, Liza, you are my donah, you are my little peach,
Meet me round the fish shop
And I'll buy yer a penn'orth of each.
Lor, Love yer,
No bloke dare come and kiss yer
Or for him I shall go,
For if I should loose my temper,
It's what oh, Liza Johnson, yes what oh.

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