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Remembering Bamforth & Co. Ltd

Black & White Hymn and Song Cards - Series

The Bamforth monochrome Hymn and Song card series varied between 2 to 4 cards in each set (excluding the single issue sets that are also covered on this site). Initially the cards did not have set series numbers, however these were eventually provided on the rear of each card with the first monochrome numbered set titled "Excelsior" - a set of 2 cards. This no doubt increased the enjoyment of collecting these cards. The cards shown below were printed before the introduction of numbering, although to be later re-printed in colour as a numbered set (see Bamforth Colour Hymn and Song Cards - Series)... and here is the set....

These depict the story of "The Volunteer Organist" ... Due to the usual Church organist being ill the vicar asks for a volunteer. From the pictures on the postcards I'm sure you'll agree that the volunteer organist did well to survive the experience.

The above card is the reverse of the last in the above series and shows that the card was posted in Devonport, England on July 14th 1905. More examples and what people were actually writing to each other nearly 100 years ago will be added as a separate topic at a later date.

Some more single examples of various Bamforth monochrome Hymn and Song postcard series - these are all card (1) of sets that varied in number between 2 and 4. From left to right the titles are "The Holy City", "Needles and Pins","The Promise Of Life","Jesu Lover Of My Soul".

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