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Remembering Bamforth & Co. Ltd

Silent Films - The British Hollywood

During 1898 Bamforth & Co. Ltd started making silent monochrome films with the Riley brothers of Bradford, West Yorks, who had been making films since 1896. However, Bamforth & Co. Ltd had also been producing Magic Lantern slides since around 1883, and so were able to bring some of this valuable experience and resourses to help make the films.

The joint venture between Bamforth & Co. Ltd and the Riley brothers lasted until 1900 and the films produced were known as 'RAB' films. The films produced during this period are as follows:-

Weary Willie (1898),The Tramp And The Babys Bottle (1899),The Kiss In The Tunnel (1899), Catching The Milk Thief (1899),Women's Rights (1899),The Would-Be Conjuror (1900), Lover Kisses Husband (1900),Leap Frog (1900),Boy's Cricket Match And Fight (1900) Boy's Sliding (1900),Biter Bit (A Joke On The Gardener) (1900).

In the early 1900's James Bamforth decided to concentrate his efforts on postcard production and film production ceased, only to be resummed in 1913 - to read about this and see some rare photographs of one of the stars then continue to Bamforth Silent Films 1913-1915.

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