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Remembering Bamforth & Co. Ltd

Silent Films - The British Hollywood

James Bamforth resumed silent film production in 1913, this was possibly due to the growing popularity of silent films. Lily Ward ( also spelt Warde) was one of the lead actresses and her husband Alf Scott (aka Scottie) was one of the lead actors. The pictures shown below of Lily (aka Sherry) were kindly provided by her Great grandaughter Kerrilee Bartsch who lives in South Australia.

In 1914 the Music Hall comedian 'Winky' (Reginald Switz) joined the band of existing actors and actresses. He stared in many Bamforth films and some with 'Winky' involved in the title.

The films made between 1913-1915 included Finding His Counterpart (1913), Itching Powder (1914), The Mighty Atom (1914), Winky And The 'Dwarf' (1914), Winky's Weekend (1914), The Mystic Glove (1914), Winky's Rose (1914), Scottie And The Frogs (1915), and Sharps And Flats (1915).

The First World War caused Bamforth & Co. Ltd to cease film production in 1915. Bamforth & Co. Ltd were never to return to this field of entertainment with all resources now being concentrated on postcard production.

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